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We specialize in working with the following engine manufacturers.

Oilgear Marine Hydraulics in Rhode Island

Components for your every application... From Oilgear's lines of fixed and variable displacement pumps to our high pressure cartridge valves, Rhode Island Engine Co. has the answer. Oilgear engineers its Electronic Controller and other electronics to control your components; hydraulic or otherwise. Along with pumps and electronics, Oilgear also manufactures a line of rugged Flow Meters for applications in the harshest of environments. Oilgear's hydraulic contributions don't stop there. At Rhode Island Engine Company, we also offer a comprehensive line of Oilgear's prefill, screw-in and slip-in cartridge valves as well as custom integrated manifolds. Choose the components you need at Oilgear. Not sure you know which components are right for you? Contact our qualified applications engineers and have them assist you in your decisions to find the correct components for your applications.

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